Project Details

Glow Hair + Beauty Bar
Branding Package

The Concept

The client wanted to update their look. They had a “logo” and some basic colors they used, but they really needed branding to as they bring they business to the next stage.

The final logo was designed in a minimal style. While trends come and go, their logo will still look fresh for years to come.

Mood Board
Before beginning the branding process, I first like to “set the mood”. I gather inspiration images that embody the overlook feeling the brand will convey. This involves colors, typography, textures and imagery.
graphic design-logo design-web design-houma
First Drafts
After developing a mood board, I start creating the first drafts of the logo. For this client, I wanted to work with a variety of looks. I focused on developing minimal styles, handwritten and some bold custom serif styles as well just to see how they looked. I am very visual, so sometimes I like to see everything before making decisions.
Then, we took elements that worked from different logo choices to develop the final logo.
graphic design-logo design-web design-houma